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You've worked hard building your business. Our charge is to help you protect it. In the life of every company, there are countless points at which it opens itself up to liability. The good news is, we've seen this movie before. We know what to expect, and we can help you navigate unfamiliar waters.

We also take seriously our role in helping you grow your company. All the protection in the world isn't worth much if you aren't making money. From drafting contracts that give you an advantage to shepherding deals through while shielding your business from liability, we have your back at every mile marker.

We know you don't want to pay inflated hourly fees for legal work. That's why we offer flexible fee arrangements that include flat project rates for much of the work we do. For companies with ongoing legal needs, our Concierge General Counsel service gives you your own in-house attorney a phone call away.
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